Why Work For Us?

Do You Love Playing Music? Do You Love Teaching Music? 

Do You Take Pride & Care in Sharing Your Knowledge & Experience With Burgeoning Musicians? 

Are You Looking for a Community of Like-Minded Creative Music Educators? 

Are You Tired of Dealing With All the Logistics of Ad Hoc Teaching?

We’ve been there, we’ve worked as guitar instructors trying to find gigs, maintaining financials, creating schedules etc. It stinks! You just want to teach music to interested students! Why work for us? We take all the hard work out of making a living with music, allowing you to do what you love: teach! Deciding to teach with Philadelphia Guitar School means joining elite music instructors. It means spreading the joy of music. It means doing what you love without all the hassle of scheduling, finances and business relationships. Do what you love. Play music with cool people! 

Who Do We Hire?

We hire musicians who love what they do. We hire music teachers who still love to learn. 

We hire instructors who are great with people. We hire the best of the best.

At Philadelphia Guitar School, we hire teachers who are willing and able to listen to their students’ interests and goals. We hire educators who have the insight, foresight, and desire to engage in developing an evolving curriculum for their students. We hire music teachers with a passion for encouraging their students to take ownership of their own growth within the craft. 

Interactive & Imaginative Educators

Interactive education "rests on the premise that the most engaging, meaningful, and enduring education is that which affords students the opportunity to be actively involved — to be actors in their own learning." - Dr. Alison Cook-Sather, Education Expert at Bryn Mawr College. Philadelphia Guitar School’s music instructors reinforce imagination in learning and imaginative teaching. They guide students use of technical proficiency as a means to advancing their creativity. 

Do you specialize in teaching instruments other than guitar? Great! Let us know and we will cater to your expertise! 

We like our team to be full of diverse people with different backgrounds. Music knows no boundaries and we like our teachers to reflect that in their interests and tastes. Just as our students are interested in learning different types of music, our instructors should reflect their curiosity and be willing to try something new. Adventure is for winners! Still sound like you? Keep reading for more info on how teaching with Philadelphia Guitar School works. 

How Does Teaching With Philadelphia Guitar School Work? 

  • Schedules: We make them for you! Taking into account your availability and current work-load.
  • Lessons: Depending on student age, interest, and need, lessons last 30-60 minutes. We expect our teachers to have the insight, foresight, and desire to engage in developing an evolving curriculum that encourages their students to take ownership over their growth within the craft. 
  • Locations: Our teachers primarily teach at students' homes. However, we offer Skype Lessons! You’ll need a computer with a reliable video camera and internet connection. Our clients use a variety of different platforms: Google HangOut, FaceTime, Skype…please be flexible! 
  • Travel: We expect our instructors to get themselves to our student’s homes in a timely fashion. Let us know what your travel situation is (bike, car, public transit) and we’ll figure out a territory that makes the most sense for your time. No running across town and back again for lessons.
  • Billing: We handle the numbers. Once your schedule is in place you’ll receive a check from us for your work. No invoicing, no awkwardly following up with clients for checks. We’ve got you covered! 



  • Minimum 3-5 years of music teaching experience
  • Background in music theory
  • Reliable mode of transportation
  • Great communicator
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Instruments: your expertise! Multi-instrumentalists highly desired!!
  • Degree in music and/or music education preferred but not required

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

To apply please complete form below and email your resume as a PDF to

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Please write "Instructor - " followed by your instrument in the subject line.
Please use this space to send us a brief introduction about yourself. Send a PDF of your resume to
Please include a link to any web presence you feel appropriately displays your musicianship. Audio and/or live video welcome.